The rock band Molock played a show at the Red-Eyed Fly at 715 Red River St in Austin tonight. Even though I’d heard the drummer play during a portrait shoot recently, I was still pleasantly impressed how good they were and wished I could have stayed longer to enjoy more of the show.

I first met Mike as a kid when we were studying at the same karate studio. He used to tease my baby by bringing her to me after class saying things like, “Tell Mama the new words you learned,” at which she would reply, “Anthrax!” or “Machine gun!” Years went by without seeing each other, but thanks to the modern wonder of the world, Facebook, we meet again when he is as grown up as I am with a life and career all his own, not to mention enough personality to fill a room even with almost no talking. Drum sticks flying, and a third-degree black belt, I’m glad I was the one doing the shooting.

Steve Wolf of the Wolf Stunt Ranch and Firelake Event Center put on a great show with his Science in the Movies presentation now performed at over 2,000 schools in North America. He demonstrates all the science concepts needs for the Texas TAKS in a fun educational way that really gets the kids excited and involved. Who wouldn’t appreciate all the guys putting themselves at risk by hoisting, dangling, falling, shooting, and the best of all, igniting and fire training? All for the kids, right? It looked pretty fun to me too, relaxing while all the child labor did the work!

The top 20 Nike marketing execs from Portland and around the USA visited the idyllic Wolf Stunt Ranch and Firelake Event Center in west Austin for team building exercises. What do you get when you put 20 ultra-competitive Nike employees in an active outdoor games facility and ask them to work together? A lot of team destroying! By the end, bragging rights went to all as they had to figure out how to solve the last puzzle as a group. I’m not sure what happened to the guy holding the homemade bomb, I didn’t want to spend enough time near it to ask what that was all about!

I love action photography! The way the camera can capture motion frozen in time, especially droplets of water like ice, fascinates me. Not to mention an object blurring through the frame as if Flash Gordon ran by the lens, action is just as fun and exciting to shoot as it is to watch. Not to mention using a lens the size of most compact cars isn’t just fun for men, and not to mention getting to walk past all the psuedo Do Not Cross police tape and get right into the scene (though the giant tele lens is still cool), and not to mention the surprise of it all on the laptop because everything is moving too fast to stop and chimp at the LCD screen. That was a lot I didn’t mention, so maybe for a later post!