CATEGORY face paint

Michelle Pulsifer of On the Spot Body Art needed some new faces to display at events highlighting a new product she’d like to use more. She’s also working on tribal inspired designs for older customers. After setting up the backdrop and all the lights for the models, I had Michelle snap a photo of me (yup, it’s me there at the end) for my first time under the brush! This brings up all sorts of interesting copyright issues, so it’s a good thing we’ve become such close friends!

Barbie and Ben with their boy-girl twins are expecting a new little sister into the house very soon! We almost didn’t make this maternity photo shoot appointment because she spent the night before in the hospital. They have a gorgeous Volente home outside Austin with a jungle-themed great room, and it was so fun to get into character with the rain forest animals so the prints can be displayed around the space they hang out as a family. The body art was provided by Michelle Pulsifer of On the Spot Body Art. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival to your beautiful family!

Halloween Express in Cedar Park, Texas just north of Austin hosts body artist Michelle Puslifer of On the Spot Body Art every year to decorate their patrons for Halloween parties and haunting. This year they wanted to showcase their costume selection by allowing their staff to creatively “shop” the store and put together unique ideas for their customers. This is a small sampling as they really got into it, each choosing multiple costumes ranging from the Mad Hatter and crazy Queen of Hearts complete with severed head, to a broken antique china doll. Here we just see how Beetlejuice and Sally of The Nightmare Before Christmas make friends with a wraith and Indian maiden. I sense the plot of a new B movie coming on.

Just doing my part to uphold our local motto of “Keep Austin Weird” this weekend as Austin Fashion Week opened with its Kick Off Red Carpet Party at GSD&M Idea City downtown. The clever designers and creative stylists put on a fantastic show, as well as local graphic artists creating the original virtual signature characters to advertise the event, and body artists Michelle Pulsifer and Donald McCaskill recreating them in the flesh to the thrill of the paparazzi! I came in to do head shots of the models and got to hang around pretending like I was blending in to the camera crowd.

Michelle Pulsifer of On the Spot Body Art in Austin recently scheduled a painting party to beef up her photo portfolio with a day-long marathon of face and body painting. Lots of kids and pizza and paint, along with two gorgeous pregnant women for maternity painted and henna belly art to literally round out the event!

We have new belly art and boudoir body art joint packages starting at $160 that include painting and a photo session with 8×10 either in the studio, at your home, or outdoors in a private venue, and I’m excited about our new offerings.

Michelle Pulsifer of On the Spot Body Art needed some updated portfolio portraits for holiday faces, and our models were running to and fro like firecrackers, leprechauns, covered in masks and more!

If you are interested in posing as a model for face and body art, specifically full-body or maternity belly art, please contact Michelle.