CATEGORY head shot

Laurel Johnson of Sunbelt Business Brokers negotiating buying/selling businesses, and Business Works Consulting specializing in small business enhancements, is launching a joint effort and online presence to improve her ability to work with small business owners. She needs a wide variety of headshots over the coming months for speaking engagements and scheduling consultations, and this is a part of the first set. She wanted an outdoor, fresh look rather than a stuffy professional studio lit effect, which is my specialty! I love the more raw result as opposed to perfectly wrapping the subject in studio light, as this conveys personality in so many more obvious and subtle ways.

Just doing my part to uphold our local motto of “Keep Austin Weird” this weekend as Austin Fashion Week opened with its Kick Off Red Carpet Party at GSD&M Idea City downtown. The clever designers and creative stylists put on a fantastic show, as well as local graphic artists creating the original virtual signature characters to advertise the event, and body artists Michelle Pulsifer and Donald McCaskill recreating them in the flesh to the thrill of the paparazzi! I came in to do head shots of the models and got to hang around pretending like I was blending in to the camera crowd.

Michelle Pulsifer of On the Spot Body Art in Austin recently scheduled a painting party to beef up her photo portfolio with a day-long marathon of face and body painting. Lots of kids and pizza and paint, along with two gorgeous pregnant women for maternity painted and henna belly art to literally round out the event!

We have new belly art and boudoir body art joint packages starting at $160 that include painting and a photo session with 8×10 either in the studio, at your home, or outdoors in a private venue, and I’m excited about our new offerings.

While doing the portfolio shoot for On the Spot Body Art, this little model came from a local acting class taught by his father. He was so cute with a great look and attitude that conveyed well on the camera so that after he cleaned off his make up I had to take some head shots for him as he makes his young way in the entertainment industry.

Loretta Sommers is new to Austin and a long-time member of the entertainment industry. She has some great new opportunities in Central Texas, but needed new and updated head shots to convey her look, physique, and personality for TV and radio host positions. She said, “I didn’t know I could look like that!’ but well, she’s gorgeous, and it IS what she looks like. Just a reminder that who we see in the mirror is never as wonderful as how other people see us.

This adorable trio we shot at Bee Cave Central Park just outside of Austin and Lakeway┬á just may have been the best behaved, most cooperative little group I’ve worked with. When I complimented them on how well they were doing, mom whispered to me that she’d been prepping them for weeks! It certainly paid off with their great smiles, eye contact, and close poses. She wanted tight head shots in black and white canvas gallery wraps to update some she’d had done six years ago for a previous father’s day gift. It’s a surprise, so shhh! don’t tell!

Ashley Whittenberger, owner of the interior design and real estate staging firm Interiority Complex specializes in design therapy for the decoratively perplexed, committed to the mission statement that whether you’re decorating to sell or designing to dwell, her Certifed Design Therapists TM have the cure!
Ashley needed some new head shots to better convey her professional sense of style on her web site, business cards, and for speaking engagements. To show that she is a designer and stager, I asked her to stage a vignette that expresses her, not just another boring head shot! Her creative staging mimics her logo and definitely says a thousand words about her personality and her company.

One of the nice things about real estate photography (there are a lot of those) is meeting all the great agents around the Austin area. Jill Foye is a beautiful new Keller Williams Realtor┬« , though as an ASP certified stager certainly no newcomer to the industry. We networked while she was staging, and I had the chance to take her head shots today for her new business cards. KW isn’t as fun with their cards as they have premade designs to choose from and therefore less creativity on my part there, but I loved this design…I think because it looks like my web site header!