July Real Estate {Austin Real Estate Photography}

Happy July 4th to all my readers and clients. To everyone, really, but to you guys first. Well, to my family first, but I think you get the point. Eventually this post will be something about real estate.

July saw more vacant homes than I’ve photographed in any month previously. The biggest testimony to me about the value of a well-staged home is that you NEVER see me put a vacant home photo on my site! It’s not because they’re not nice photos, but I have to limit myself to the best of a month’s worth of 30 homes, and the vacant photos just never make the cut. Last month I shot one home twice, once prior to staging, and then at the end of the month again after a full, gorgeous stage. It made a so-so sorta not-quite new almost nice home into an amazing marketable property. I actually had an intake of breath when I entered the second time. The photos made the portfolio cut, but you’ll notice that none of the vacant ones showed up previously!

So whether you hire a professional home stager or put in a lot of work to learn to stage it well, in this high-inventory market the homes with the best staging and the best photography are the biggest edges you can have. A Realtor who knows the value of those items and can connect you with marketing professionals is indispensable. This is no old dresser or bookshelf to liquidate on Craigslist. You want top dollar for your home, and the trifecta of a great Realtor, a great stager, and a great photo marketing set is a winning combination! Take it from me, in and out of other people’s for-sale homes day after day, I know what sells. Good luck on your sale!

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