March Houses {Austin Real Estate Photography}

I’ve shot a lot of real estate homes the past few weeks, and as the busy season comes on I’ll be shooting a lot more! Here are some of the highlights from the last 2 weeks of March, some cottages, some mansions, some ranches, some in between, about 13 homes around southwest Austin and Spicewood. March totaled almost 30 homes.

One of the reasons I love shooting real estate, other than the challenge of interior lighting in difficult situations, is that each home and owner has a unique story. Meeting with homeowners and realtors and hearing about the history of where they’ve lived, where they’re going and why, is always fascinating. The solitude of working alone with a lockbox key has its own rewards, but the story of the home is what holds my interest. This month I knocked on a door in a lovely neighborhood in Westlake only to have it answered by a friend of mine who is sadly (for me) moving. One home was agent owned, and her bittersweet goodbye to her first home as she moves in with her husband just begged to have her photo taken on her own front porch. Then there was a lake-front home in Spicewood full of exotic game on the walls and a bluebonnet meadow in full bloom! And another home in Westlake with a newly retired couple who had taken up metal sculpture with exquisite artwork displayed throughout the home and yard, who are moving to gain more workshop space.

Where we live says so much about who we are, and the homes we  buy can speak to us even without hearing the stories.

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