CATEGORY pricing

Booking a session is pretty easy because if I made it hard, no one would book. That’s kind of opposite to the goal of this web site.

1. Send an email using the Contact Me page ( and find out if the date you want is available, or what my availability is if your date is flexible. See how easy that is?

2. For large events like weddings, corporate parties, etc, a non-refundable $500 retainer is required to firmly book your date. If there is an inquiry for a shoot on your date and you have paid your retainer, I will turn it down. If you have tentatively booked and no retainer paid, I will contact you to confirm your continued interest in that date before booking it with another client. So in short, for large events, no retainer = tentative booking. Retainer = solid booking.

3. All prices include travel, shoot time, processing, and all digital files downloadable after editing. Fees are due in full before or at the time of the session. Print and product fees are after the online gallery is posted and before any orders are taken.

4. To make any payment, checks (personal or cashier), cash, or PayPal (bank or credit card +3% fee) are all good. PayPal is to, cash usually (okay, always) comes in an envelope handed off in person, and email for check payee and mailing information.

Now that wasn’t all about booking a session, some of it was about paying for a session, but as you can see I have very few rules in life as well as in photography. I am looking forward to working with you!